Here in the Gateway to the West

Landed safe and sound in St. Louis. Had two rather uneventful flights--I flew on Frontier Airlines, which I had never heard of until this trip.

I'm at this very cute B & B a few blocks from the Annheuser Busch plant.

I also have this in the freezer of the B & B: Frozen Chocolate Custard. Never had one, but my host, Richard Newman, says it's the bomb.

I'll try it tomorrow. Right now I'm quite stuffed on Thai carbs.


The reading is tomorrow night and I feel unprepared.


I can't believe the Cardinals will be in the Super Bowl. They were actually the first pro football team I had ever seen live. I went to see them play the Redskins and it was bloody awful--this was, of course, pre Jake Plummer as a Cardinal, so this is way back.


Current Spin:

M. Ward's new album "drops" soon, but until then . . .

Oliver de la Paz