I'm So Happy I'm Think I'm Going To Be Ill

No news really. Title of the heading faked you out, didn't it? Ha. I'm feeling a little jumpy because I've been cooped up inside all day and it's sunny. The sun's bouncing off the powdery snow and I've got a baby sleeping in the baby sling close to my chest. So maybe I am just a little happy. I'm not teaching classes tomorrow because I'm heading to a writers' conference down on Whidbey Island that I had mentioned yesterday. Not a whole lot to do except pack. So I suppose I'm happily bored. Boredom is a happy state for me.

So yeah . . . I was exaggerating about the illness bit, but I'm happy. Or maybe I should say content.

I'm content.


I've been reading everyone else's album memes and realizing how much I've left out.

How could I have forgotten Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos? Or OK Computer by Radiohead? Or even The Joshua Tree by U2?

I've got "B" listers too . . . I spent a whole summer listening to The Sundays:

I had a wee crush on Harriet.


And if you want a real heavy dose of sugar, here's Camera Obscura:


Happy! Happy!


Happy poems? How about sublime poems?


REAL current spin:

Matt Ward, aka M. Ward. "Hold Time."

Oliver de la Paz