Blogging from the Underground

My WIFI usage is being monitored.

I'm blogging from a high-school cafeteria and Facebook/Youtube are blocked by the various web filters they have running--ruining my fun.


I've been on Whidbey Island since Friday morning. The weather's been gorgeous and I can see why people live on islands. I also know I'd go a little crazy.


My birthday was yesterday. Not a whole lot to say about it. I didn't exactly celebrate it and I didn't tell anyone 'cept Kelli Russell Agodon who's also participating in the conference.

Meredith, of course, knows and she wished me a happy birthday as she put the little rugrat on speakerphone.

I've never been overly keen on celebrating birthdays, but to those of you who've sent me well-wishes, thank you very much.


Just overheard saying "Word processing is the greatest invention in history." And then the same person started complaining about Microsoft Word.

New dictate heard spouting from Oliver's mouth: In order to shape a book manuscript, keep in mind three elements: Tone, Balance, and Inertia.

Suddenly I've become my teachers.
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