Feeling a bit under pressure these days. My current teaching and parenting schedule leaves me no time in the mornings (when I'm usually at my most productive). I'm thinking about waking up at 5AM to get things done. I know a lot of other poet/parents do this. I might give it a try tomorrow.

I feel a bit pressured to finish this third manuscript, but I know it's not done. I suppose I'm feeling the pressure because of uncertainty--I'm not sure if/when it'll find a home. These concerns, I know, are a bit goofy and unfounded, considering I still consider myself in the early stages of what I hope will be a lifetime of practicing art.

Still, I'm anxious and when I get anxious about writing, I write. My brain is telling me to get off of my can.


I'm excited about Juana Molina because she's an artist who's reinvented herself, moving from comedy to pretty serious music. Her transition wasn't a gradual one . . . it was somewhat abrupt. One day she's doing comedy and the next thing she's playing before small audiences.

If you don't know her stuff, she's giving a free MP3 of "Un Dia" on her website: www.juanamolina.com.

I suppose it's important to remake yourself as an artist to keep yourself interested (interesting?). I for one couldn't possibly write the same manuscript over and over again. And looking at the projects that I have on my plate, they're all so different from one another.


I'm excited about AWP's conference next week. I am, however, telling myself to slow down--I know, I know. I'm doing a gazillion things next week, but I also know that I'll be seeing friends I don't see that often and that I need to really "see" them. So I'm telling myself that I must chill out, have lunches, coffee, breakfast, etc., with my friends. I'm telling myself to listen and be present.


Current Spin:

The Kooks. "Ooh La."

Funny because they suddenly happen upon a French all-girls school or something.

Oliver de la Paz