Little Foxes

There are foxes on television. L. is obsessed with dogs. He laughs whenever he sees them. Poor Jake is miserable because L. follows him around all day.

L. is laughing at foxes.


Mid point of the Winter quarter. I realize my compatriots in those schools with semestral systems are just getting started. I feel like I'm in the home stretch for this quarter.

I gave a quiz to my non-reading class and I was pleased that 3/4ths of them seem to have heeded my warnings about their inattentiveness. The scores weren't as bad as I had expected.

Anyway, I think we're in the mid-quarter doldrums right now. Students are wearing down . . . getting colds. There was actually one case of mumps on campus.


I've been trying to get some time with the manuscript, but now that L. is crawling, I've been ever-vigilant. My parents still haven't moved to the area, so I'm the morning and early evening shift. Unfortunately, I have the most energy for desk-work in the mornings, so I feel a bit harried when it comes to all things paper-oriented. At least I'm keeping up with my grading.

Ideally, I've got to get the manuscript in shape to send it to NPS at the very least. . .


Somewhat excited about AWP. Not fully excited, just somewhat excited.


Current Spin:

The Dodos. "Fools." Check out the insane drummer. . . My forearms are tired.

Oliver de la Paz