I miss Sleater-Kinney

Check out Carrie Brownstein rockin' the guitar and Janet Weiss pounding on the drums.

Man, they were so good.


I'm still in Mankato, MN. I've been having trouble sleeping. I don't sleep well in hotels--a combination of the dry air, the pillows, and either being too hot or too cold. So I woke up at five AM this morning. I'm still in bed, though, feeling a little lazy and wanting to blog a little and surf a little.

Not that you care.

Anyway, I have to do a wee bit of work today--respond to a few graduate student manuscripts as well as prep for the morning's workshop. I've also got a radio interview taping later in the afternoon. All in all a light day.


I love my laptop. The 13" Macbook I blogged about earlier is as dreamy as it looks. It's so fast and what's more, it's got everything from my desktop computer. All my poem files are here as are all my music. The battery seems to hold up pretty well, too.

Some things, however, are taking some getting used to. The trackpad, for one, is great, but I keep mis-clicking on the "right-click" corner (the trackpad itself is the button, in case that wasn't clear).

I'm glad I shelled out the money for extra RAM and extra hard drive space. Both are relatively cheap these days, so if you're planning on getting one of these laptops, I recommend upgrading.


Gray day here, very much like the spring Northwest days. The folks here keep apologizing for the weather, but honestly, I like the gray.

I was telling one of the graduate students I was meeting with that gray was good writing weather and he agreed. You really can't go outside and do a whole lot. Just the perfect type of weather to hang out by the window, drink a hot drink, and write.


Bobby Jindal drives me crazy.


I better unplug. Free waffles are calling.

Oliver de la Paz