A Short Break from Visiting Writer Duties

After meeting with students for workshops and one-on-one manuscript meetings, I had a longish break today.

I took full advantage of the respite and met up with the bitchin' poet, Kristin Naca who's now teaching over at Macalester.

Much gossip and laughter.


I just now finished up my two syllabi for the Spring Quarter. I teach my usual ENG 353, introduction to poetry class, but I'm also teaching a 504 graduate class which will be focusing on the long poem.

The dilemma with the 504 class is that it'll be a workshop. Run. A long poem workshop.

The trick will be to 1) keep them engaged in each others' poems and 2) keep them engaged in their own poems for 10 weeks.


Did I mention that I loved my Macbook?


Current Spin:

She's back to her punkish ways! Holy kittens.

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