An Interruption

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I'm working on a long poem. No, I don't consider it cheating for NaPoWriMo.


Speaking of long poems, students are baffled and taken by Berryman's The Dream Songs.

We've been talking about closed form long poems and open form long poems. Berryman's poem being the example of the later.

Whether these epistolary pieces are part of a closed work or a long work has yet to be decided. I do know that I've already written pieces that could serve as interruptions. The "interruption" pieces are not epistolary poems.


More on the budget crisis . . . talk of raising tuition at 4 year institutions. Not much else is known since representatives from the universities are still trying to negotiate with the senate. What's clear is that there's a deep divide along party lines. Guess which party is advocating deep cuts in educational spending?

Ah sunny spring days, where have you been?

Current Spin:

St. Vincent. "These Days."

Hell of a cover. Ah Brooklyn.

Oliver de la Paz