Up & At 'Em!

5:06AM here. What the hell am I doing up writing poems?!


Contemplating heading downstairs and running on the treadmill. Would it make too much sound? Currently realizing how hamster-like such a move would be.


I'm annoyed that my iPod can't sync to two computers. I mean, I basically have the same exact music library between my laptop and my desktop. Why does it keep resetting the iPod?!



It's true, I'm hardly ever serious on my blog. I'm having far too much fun. And anyway, I really am a goofball in real life, though not so much in the classroom. All my poems house my pent-up seriousness, I suppose. I mean, I've always been serious in my poems. Humor is such a hard thing to do in poetry. I think I've written one funny poem in my lifetime.

Have you ever written a funny poem?


I've been admiring my neighbor's planter boxes. I need to borrow my other neighbor's Bobcat. Now that the weather's warming up, I'd like to have a mini-garden, or perhaps a few rows of planter boxes. I know my mother would like that. She had a pretty fierce garden at our old place in Ontario.


Current Spin:

Grandaddy. "Summer Here Kids."

I wish. Puffy coats and bearded drummers, still. . .

Oliver de la Paz