Not a whole lot going on . . .

. . . but I feel a slight obligation to update the on going saga of me.


I'm in the denial phase of my soon-ending summer vacation. I'm realizing how much I actually have left to do, both academically and professionally.

You see, it's the year that I go up for tenure and promotion and I need to turn in my binders very soon.

I've been very diligent about making sure my I've crossed my "T's" and dotted my "I's."

Still, there's a lot of work to be done. Curriculum vitae to update. Holes to be punched.


Otherwise not a whole lot going on. I'm getting ready to head to San Francisco for two readings: the Kundiman/Achiote Press reading on Sept. 17th and one for the PAWA Arkipelago Reading Series on Sept. 19th.

Meredith and L. are coming, so I may be a bit frazzled. I'll try to put on my game face. :-|


Current Spin:

Taken By Trees. "Lost and Found." If you recognize her voice, she's the female vocals in the very famous Peter Bjorn & John hit, "Young Folks." This is from her first solo album. Her new album . .. glorious. Just can't find any tracks to play for you.

Oliver de la Paz