Resting with a tiny head on my arm

I'm trying to blog with my toddler sleeping soundly in the crook of my arm. I'm finding that the spacebar on my laptop is entirely too loud. He's been asleep since 11:30AM. It's 1:39PM right now and Meredith, my parents, and my aunts and uncles have gone shopping, leaving me with L. and Jake in my parents' B'ham abode.

Uh . . . little baby twitch. I'll type slower.


In case you missed it, Joe and Chenelle Milford have archived yesterday's interview here. In that interview, we talk about hacking up ant hills in cubist paintings.


I'm feeling oh-so non-literary these days. I want to watch a lot of sports on cable, work out at the gym, and soak in these last days before school starts up again, but I realize I need to work on my syllabi for the upcoming academic quarter, so naturally my head will be thrust back into thinking about literary works that could provide good models for would-be writers.

Again I'm teaching my ENG 453 course, which is the advanced poetry course and which I always teach as a forms class. I'm also teaching ENG 460 again, which I'm teaching as a prose poem class--our ENG 460 is labeled as a multigenre course and I find teaching prose poems as a blurring between fiction, non-fiction, and poetry is a useful approach.

See . . . all of a sudden I'm thrust back into the literary.


Here's a non-literary moment for you--my current spin:

Coconut Records. Yes, that's Jason Schwartzman.

Oliver de la Paz