Father n' Son Bonding Day Tomorrow

My dad and I are headed down to Seattle to watch the Seahawks play the Bears. It's amazing how expensive an NFL game can be. I tend to think that it's actually a better game on television . . . especially if you have a large screen HDTV. Regardless, it should be a fun day, despite the parking headaches.


Other things--just got back from Snohomish, WA, where the Artist Trust was having their 1st quarter board meeting. I read a couple of poems and talked about how the GAP grant benefited my career. I was happy to make the trip.

One thing the board members seemed to wonder was how to reach more artists. There are a ton of artists in Washington state, and it seemed like they felt they weren't reaching enough artists.

My deal is I'm pretty independent about researching these sorts of things. I know where to find stuff, and the web's pretty good about helping me find stuff. One thing they wondered was why artists weren't members. My thinking--well, there's a membership fee and so many of the events are in Seattle, not everyone will actually benefit from a membership.


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