Keeping My Head Above Water

Yes, Fall is in full swing. We've turned the heater on and the maples are starting to turn near my mountain home. That means lots of things to me . . . namely the rhythmic cadence of teaching, prepping, grading, and commuting is now in full swing. Yet this year I feel really off balance.

Part of it might be because the commute with the baby is really tough. Especially dropping him off before work when he's much more aware and feels the separation more vividly than he had in the past when our neighbor babysat for us.

Today he cried a ton when we handed him over to my parents. Ugh. Not fun. Still, I think the rhythms will become seamless soon. I just need to get over this damn cold.


I'm meeting with Cara Jaye Thursday, to pick her brain about possible covers. She mentioned she may be interested in producing one specific to Requiem for the Orchard which would be really cool.

Current Spin:

Taken by Trees.

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