Happy Break!

Oh snowy Northwest! Why are you so cold?!

Got a rather light dusting of snow, but we're getting hammered by Canadian arctic blasts from the north. Darn Canadians . . .


Got a few poems accepted within the past couple of weeks which is wonderful and encouraging. The longer project is finding homes in journals, and I think the editors are getting the sense that it's part of a larger grouping of stuff. Hopefully I can parse out some time during the Thanksgiving break to create a table of contents for the poems.

Things that concern me about the work:

1) movement between sections or whether to have sections

2) Title of the collection--what to call this thing that I have been writing for so many years with no end in sight?

3) Whether it needs a third classification of poems to serve as transitional modes.


No big plans for Thanksgiving. Hopefully I'll get to catch a movie with my beloved. We were planning on heading out tonight, but both kiddies are sick, which means movie night at home. :-( And I wanted to watch the Harry Potter movie, too.


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