Allergies, Tourney Brackets, Los Angeles Trips, and More

Oh, the life of a fretful parent. Mere and I took L. to the lab to get tested for allergies after noticing hives on the guy. I immediately suspected peanuts from the peanut butter, but it was the second of such reactions. We called the pediatric clinic for an allergy panel test and I got the results this morning. He's basically allergic to everything--everything on the broad panel of allergens came up positive.

Now, I've heard kids can outgrow some allergies, but for now we're a bit bummed about all this. Appointment with an allergist next Friday. Meantime, it looks like I'm reading every food label from now on.


Here's my bracket:

Winners. All of 'em. What you got?

CORRECTION: Kentucky over Baylor in the semi's. Kansas over 'Cuse in the other semi's. Kansas over Kentucky in the finals.


I bought my plane ticket, made hotel reservations, and reserved a car for my trip down to Los Angeles.

I'll be down there from April 27th to April 30th. The details for all my readings will be up soon.

See you there?


It's the end of the winter quarter! Yay! I've got SO much to do in the meantime.

In case you're interested, we received over 3000 poems for the persona poems anthology, so if you're reading this blog waiting for news, that's the news. It's taking us time to log and read through everything, but we've made significant progress and will be going to AWP armed with a prospectus and charm.


"All Your Base Are Belong To Us" is from this video game, for those of you non-nerd types.


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