Loves--A Few Distractions From Work

We’re sitting on our bikes and staring down the small alleyway made by fenced-in yards backed up to one another, and one of the kids in our groups says, “Go,” and like a pack of dogs we charge the space, pedaling hard and gnashing our teeth. Ahead the path narrows, and what started out as a wide lane now bottlenecks into a single one, just enough for one rider, the fastest, to slip in and bounce through moguls of mud and grass patches.

(A little piece by Jon Pineda from Brevity).


Love the opening of this. Reminds me of Summer.


I'm thinking of Summer. I'm thinking of my sabbatical AFTER Summer. Oh, the hours with all my books!


Current Spin:

Confession: I had a total crush on Harriet, the lead singer of the Sundays. This song also makes me think of Summer. I know it's a ways away, but I can't help it.

Oliver de la Paz