We're writing sonnets in both my advanced poetry workshop and my introductory workshop--different sonnets, but still sonnets. And part of what I required of my students is that they write the sonnets in meter.

This later part has slowed my grading down because I'm scanning all of their poems. They're grumbling a little about meter. That's okay. I grumbled when I was learning to write in meter.

I strongly believe that anyone who has writerly/writing ambitions/aspirations should at least try to write something in meter at least once in their life.

So we're writing sonnets and I'm fielding complaints, but for the most part they're getting the rhythm.


I've got so much to do before I head out to D.C.. One of my "TO DO" items is to get my taxes done. I know, it seems kind of early, but for the most part we're almost finished. I have to just fill a couple of columns in and I'll be done.

I'm interested to see what kind of return we get because of a loss of income early in 2010, plus the addition of a new child.

I've talked about taxes and what you can declare as a writer in the past. I'll bring that up again in April. If you follow this blog, you probably already have an idea.


Haven't found the time to write a brief essay about community. I'll have to do that straightaway, but I've been so tied up at home with two kids and their various complaints. Such is the life of a parent, I suppose. The priorities must always be the family.


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