Announcements, Colds, and the Rain that Never Ends

Many of you have already heard, but A Face to Meet the Faces, an anthology of persona poems I was working on with poet Stacey Lynn Brown was offered a contract by The University of Akron Press! Our scheduled release date is Spring 2012, but just in time for AWP in Chicago! Huzzah!


Sorry about the long hiatus from postings. My kids have been sick with yucky respiratory gunk, and, consequently, so have I.


Went to the New Pornographers/Thao + Mirah concert. Here's some video I shot:

Neko Case wasn't with them, and I'll have to admit I was disappointed, but I also love AC Newman, so all was okay.

The audience was initially subdued until a lone concert goer started jumping up and down ecstatically. Soon he had his whole row dancing. Then the row behind them. And behind them. Etc..


It's still raining, but I'm not complaining (isn't that from Depeche Mode?) Anyway, I spread a whole bunch of grass seed on our big lawn, so this rain is needed.


Current Spin:


Didn't know about her until the concert. I like her a lot.

Oliver de la Paz